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Alexander Wang SS14. Need I say more? Well, yes. So I've been diggin' the whole 90s reincarnation, and dammit, Wang must have been reading my mind. In this collection Wang has reached a sort-of equilibrium between masculine straight-cut lines and classic femininity. Props to you, Alexander Wang.

Photos from Fashionology

new bright things

Hey y'all, so these past few months I've been insanely busy. Going away, trial exams and just school in general have been consuming every spare moment like an excessively round boy consuming copious amounts of chocolate cake. AKA in a relentless and greedy manner. So now I have a relatively laid-back 6 weeks ahead of me while I prepare for my final exams, hopefully I'll have time to put something on here...

With moving out of home to *gasp* the big smoke, I feel like I should really pursue this, and hopefully broaden it to not only fashion but aspects of life in general. I would really love to do some photography of concerts, restaurant experiences etc. The idea doing laps in my head is this: why not show life as it is? I know that there is a lot of interest in the luxurious lives of the big international bloggers, who give us an insight into staying at five-star hotels and gourmet restaurants, but what about everyday live in a metropolis? Going to art galleries, that groovy (and cheap) Italian restaurant you discovered or the band you saw at the local pub on the weekend? 

I guess for so long I've been reading, studying and looking up to the lavish and refined blogs, which don't get me wrong I do adore, but at the same time I haven't yet discovered (so feel free to link one) a blog that just shows life as it is, the raw and not always perfect underbelly.

I think that's the reason why I was so quickly hooked on Camilla from Into the Fold as she so obviously has her own opinion on fashion and doesn't try to hide it. She is modest yet at the same time displays a lot of confidence.

Okay, so finally to the outfit. This is what I wore to a school performing arts showcase, a recital I suppose. I chose this flowing black dress because it creates a nice line on stage, and the gold chain to add something to my typical repertoire of well, black. I'm not sure if it's shown through so far but I would say that 50% of my clothes are in fact black as it's just so damn versatile.

Adios amigos x

Beached up Minimal

Beached up Minimal

Okay so I'm totally obesessed with polyvore. I think what I like most is that you're able to play with different styles and designers that you wouldn't normally be able to. Like this outfit, I don't know if I'd ever wear Givenchy to the beach, but it would look pretty awesome, yeah? Right now I'm trying to channel summer colours, it is winter down under (cue overly Aussie accent). Oranges and cobalt blues seem to be drawing my attention,, as well more out-there clothing. I've discovered that I have the habit of dressing for others/my surroundings, I'm going to try and wear more of what I want to wear, and try to think less about what others will think of me. I mean let's face it, no one can truely say that they dress for themselves alone. At the same time however, what you wear does reflect on your personality tonnes, I think that my style changes all the time, and I'm also a person who loves change. So I guess whilst getting dressed in the morning you should ask yourself: 'Do I like this outfit?' 'Does this outfit portray the kind of person I want to be?' and when asking 'Will other people hate it?' your answer should be 'I couldn't care less.'

Alright, I'm on Polyvore

Lilac, White, Minimal
Okay, so for a while I've been meaning to check out Polyvore, I see it everywhere and use it to find clothes, but I've never ventured any further (cue shocked expression). So basically, my first thoughts whilst creating this first [collage?] [moodboard?] [idek], were 'where have I been?' 'why have I not been here?' and 'how do I do it?', the latter most frequently. It's coming into winter in Australia, hey it might even BE winter, which means slightly colder weather, constantly cracked lips and freezing knees. However, during the day the sun still shines, so there isn't really much need to rug up too often. So this outfit is simply, and 'icy', to replicate the icy nights of Australia, and I think the white may be my subconscious wishing it also snowed here.
Okay, so because this Polyvore business is so darn easy, and I don't even have to get out of bed to make a post, expect less cobwebs and more posts from now on.

Gelato, Baklava, Crépes, Oh my!

All this cold weather I could get used to. During my recent trip to Melbourne we also visited the National Gallery of Victoria. We were lucky enough to see the Monet exhibition, which was pretty beautiful. However, I think my expectations of the exhibit were a bit higher than the reality. Sure, there were a few beautiful, like really beautiful, artworks, but there were also a lot that didn't grab me. Maybe he's more famous and and magnificent works are elsewhere? I was left with the impression (excuse the pun) that what the exhibit contained, was the artworks that weren't good enough to gain permanent residency in a gallery elsewhere, give or take a few breath-takers.

We also visited the Ian Potter centre, which is another branch of the ngv. This gallery I really enjoyed as it was exclusively Australian art, and they happened to be hosting a 'mix-tape 1980s' ehibition. I loved it, I love the 80s! There was an interesting room that had a few different documentaries playing, one of them was on the evolution of Australian fashion during the 80s, it was really interesting. The doco was basically about how that was when commercialism of fashion really began, it was all about making your brand accessible and affordable, and most importantly, on-trend.

Okay so I've spewed up all the information on the art galleries, now for the food in Melbourne. Ohhhhh the food, the glorious food. We had Lebanese, Italian, French, Lebanese, Indian, and more Lebanese. I ate baklava, samosas, macarons, raspberry cheesecake with pistachio cake base, tasmanian salmon, pizza, gelato, kebabs, shwarma, eggs florentine, croissants, crépes and so much more. In fact, how did I fit so much food into my stomach in just 5 days? Only the lord knows.

The outfit I wore was pretty simple and comfortable, for walking around galleries etc. My beloved velour Doc Martins made an appearance, along with a really cool high-waisted, printed denim skirt I bought whilst down there. As I said, comfort not couture. As we were trekking to the 3rd floor of the ngv building, the natural light provided a really nice setting to shoot.

I'm off to study now, ciao!

 The best hot chocolate we had in Melbourne (9 in 5 days, I was pretty sick of it!)

 My younger sister instagramming an installation at the ngv

 Another installation, the porcelain bowls were floating in a pool of water, every now and then they would collide and creating a chime

My sister photo-bombing, I thought this photo captured the beauty of the entrance at the ngv

Melbourne streets

Where have I been? Well, firstly I had two weeks of exams, then holidays, when I officially got my license! So it's been pretty crazy lately... These are a few photos from a trip my family and I took to Melbourne, we're going to the art gallery tomorrow to see Monet, I'll try and get some more photos!
We've been doing lots of shopping and eating, where I live you don't get the chance to do decent shopping and go to decent restaurants very often. So this morning I had the most perfect eggs Florentine, amazinggggg is all I can say.
Anyway, I'll try and post again in the next few days, seeya! x

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